Tips to Increase Customer Interactivity on Business Websites

Customers are the primary requisite to make any business survive for long and thus, it is necessary for the businesses to attract customers and maintain a good relationship. With customer engagement on your site, you can easily grow your business and design it in a way that it can fix the needs of audience. The time has gone, when people used to engage customers by sending emails; customers are no more interested in one sided communication. Online presence is not enough; you need to be interactive regardless of your business level!

Where and how to engage audience?

  • Technology provides us with heaps of approaches to get engage with audience online and social media is the most effective way out of them. If you are socially active, you can easily reach to the audience and keep them updated with your posts. But be careful; do not post same stuff frequently. You have to bring variation in the posts to stop staling. By shaking it up, you can observe – what kind of posts get maximum response by the audience.
  • Conduct quizzes and offer prizes and perks to the participants in order to generate interest. Everyone loves to be awarded and rewarding audience for engaging helps you build loyalty. Another thing that you can also try is asking the visitors to caption photos or share your posts and offer them special discount for doing so.
  • Create a twitter account and talk about the things that interests you, share pictures, and respond to the audience posts. It will make people feel connected to you. If you are an Instagram user, keep a track of people behind your business and take full benefit of re-gramming a post.

What is the ideal time to post on social media?

You must be consistent on the social media platform you are using. But keep in mind, posting so often can make people sick of seeing your posts every now and then. Understanding when to post is as essential as understanding what to post. Being a market expert, you must know your audience and create audience specific posts accordingly. How often you should post is highly depend on the site you are using. If you are a Pinterest user, post four times a day, whereas three posts a day are okay for twitter account holders. Facebook users must keep the interaction as minimum as possible.

Many social sites have analytic tools to offer. Additionally, some special tools are also available enabling you to determine how good your posts are. With the help of these tools you can also check Facebook insights to know who are interacting with your page. We hope this information will aid you keep the customers engaged for long on your website.