How To Be An Effective Manager

Being a manager requires a unique set of skills. Being an effective manager requires an even more unique set of skills. You have to possess interpersonal skills, technical know-how, time management skills and the ability to mitigate problems. A manager is also crucial for the team. He or she is responsible for the performance and productivity of the team through various different projects. Let’s take a look at what essential qualities and policies differentiate a manager from an effective manager.

Open Door Policy

This is a must to become a good manager. An open door policy encourages team members to approach you with problems. It makes the project management process much simpler since team members can comfortably communicate with the manager. Marketing managers should especially employ this policy since a there is a lot of creative work and analytical work that goes into creating a marketing strategy for a client or product. This policy allows quick communication.

Comfortable Working Space

Gone are the days when cubicles were the only way an office could be furnished. These days, an open office space punctuated with comfortable sofas and beanbags is the way to go. With a comfortable working space, team members can find a spot that allows them to focus on their work and do it effectively. The open layout is also much more beneficial that having a stuffy, cubicle filled office space.

Collaborative Environment

A team must learn to work closely amongst itself. For this, a manager should invest in project management software. Such tools allow team members to work on shared tasks without disrupting anyone’s schedule. is an online collaborative workspace that lets team members chat, share documents, conduct opinion polls and ask for approval on various matters and also run projects and marketing campaigns. It eliminates the need to shuffle between various tabs and allow members to focus on the task at hand. With easy access to one another, the team will pick up speed and produce the required results.

Appreciation And Motivation

Always make sure your team members know how much you appreciate them. This is a great way to boost their confidence and let them know that you, as a manager, know how hard they work. Motivate them during each project to bring out their best. Remind them that the end result, if successful, will be a team effort where each one of them will have contributed something. Plan team outings to foster team spirit and let them let their hair down once in awhile.